Giving a shit, giving no fucks

Tim Robinson is an art director, residing in Seattle, Washington. His background is varied: Enterprise level B2B design, off-kilter sports jerseys, South Korean tourism, data visualization, map making, and fine arts.

A significant amount of work cannot be published on this site due to non-disclosure agreements. As such, a professional portfolio pdf available upon request.


Shit that I'm dope at
Editorial design
Enterprise level e-books, case studies, and white papers.
Data visualization
Visualization both big and small on a wide variety of subject matter.
Brand adherance
Expert at Microsoft brand, having design for 30+ Microsoft groups. Familiar with every nuance of their visual indentity.
Highly designed, animated powerpoints, for use in high level presentations, as well as brand guidelines and playbooks.
Vector-based or hand-made in any variety of styles.
Web design
Site and email design with an understanding for how websites are constructed and behave.
Map illustration
Maps created for both tourism and data visualization.
Cohesive sets of icons for use in websites, books, presentations, and infographics.